Production facilities


The company’s efficient flour mill in Järvenpää produces flour, baking mixes and different baking products for consumers, hotel, restaurant and catering professionals, bakeries as well as for the food industry. The flour mill has a laboratory of its own which tests each and every grain shipment and flour batch. Quality and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of Helsinki Mills operations. New products and recipes are developed and tested in the Järvenpää experimental bakery.


The production facilities in Vaasa produce flakes, instant porridge, groats, bran and nowadays also gluten-free pure oat products from Finnish grains – organic and conventional. At the Vaasa flake plant, the heat energy comes from our own bioenergy plant where oat hulling waste, unfit for human consumption, is incinerated.

The incineration plant started operations in November 2013. Fossil fuels are no longer needed, which saves about 250,000 liters of oil per year. The oat hulling waste is a by-product of our production plant, so there is no need to transport it from elsewhere.


Oy Topfood Ab’s production plant in Närpiö, owned by Helsinki Mills, makes breakfast cereal products from Finnish wholegrain cereals. The product range  is wide and includes both organic and conventional breakfast cereals and snacks.