Responsible and environmentally friendly

By using our products, you are making environmentally responsible choices.

All of our production plants have green electricity in use and all our flakes are made with 100% renewable energy. We are an organic pioneer in Finland and a major exporter of organic products.

Our own bio-power plant at Vaasa mill produces the heat energy needed to make flakes by burning oat hull from our own mill. As a result, no fuel oil is needed in the oat mill, which previously consumed about a quarter of a million litres per year. In the future the energy production will be able to utilise also straws, weed seeds and rejected grains. More important steps towards sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

At the moment all packaging materials used are recyclable. We are constantly looking for new, more environmentally-friendly but food-safe packaging solutions. We also use recycled cardboard for some consumer packages. In sales and transport packaging plastic has been replaced by cardboard where possible.