Continuous development and new innovations for sustainable operations

  • Our mission is to offer products that promote good living and health, while also respecting the environment
  • We constantly measure and analyze
  • Our operations utilize competitive manufacturing processes
  • Raw materials are the basis of our operations, as they relate to product safety

Organic grains are an ecological choice

Helsinki Mills has been a forerunner in organic products and Finland’s largest processor of organic grains. All Helsinki Mills consumables are made from pure Finnish gluten-free organic oats.

Organic produce is a natural way of production

Organic products are produced from organically produced raw materials. The organic oats used in Helsinki Mills products originate from farms that are committed to meeting the conditions set for organic production. In organic production, the use of pesticides is restricted: only a few substances may be used against certain diseases and pests, whilst herbicides are forbidden. The use of additives in the production of organic foodstuffs is strictly regulated, and much of the authorized additives in organic produce originate from nature. Only additives necessary for food hygiene are allowed. Most of the permitted additives are naturally occurring compounds, such as citric acid and pectin.

The quality of organic produce is regularly monitored. The production of Helsinki Mills organic products is supervised by the Finnish Food Safety Authority.

Quality and safety

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