Now carbon-neutrally manufactured!

Our passion is to nourish well-being through the tastiest and healthiest oats possible. That’s why all our Nordic Oatventure™ products are made organic and gluten-free and carbon-neutrally manufactured. Because we’re all one. And because it’s possible.

Helsinki Mills has been milling the purest Finnish grains since 1934. We have true ambition to be the forerunner in the oat field, and offer you the very best oat solutions. Helsinki Mills Nordic Oatventure ™ products are made with the finest Finnish oats. Always organic, always gluten-free. Give them a try and be part of the great Nordic Oatventure!

Join the Oatventure with us!



Helsinki Mills organic and gluten-free oat products are made from the best Finnish oats. Try and be part of the great Oatventure!